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Timberwolves Power Rankings Update: Week 6

The 9-11 Wolves see yet another drop in the rankings, but is the best yet to come?

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Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Wolves started the season at 5-2, and had an average ranking of 4.375. Three weeks later, they're 9-11 with an average ranking nearly ten spots lower.

Part of this comes from their recent stretch of games, with losses against the Thunder, Nuggets, Rockets, Pacers and Heat (and, if not for a smoky situation, the Spurs) taking place in just the past couple weeks.

Still, their issues can't be completely blamed on good opponents. They've had relatively good health thus far, and have been put in several opportunities to win games.

This upcoming week gives the Wolves their best  chance to move up in the rankings, with their next two games slated against Philadelphia and Detroit.

Take a look, and let's hear what you think.

Average Ranking: 13.625  (Last week: 11.5)

No. 14 (Last Week: 11): Jason Patt, SB Nation

The Wolves have fallen under .500 thanks to an absolutely brutal stretch of games. In the last two-plus weeks, the opponents for Minnesota have been as follows: Houston, Indiana, Denver, Dallas, Oklahoma City and Miami. There was also supposed to be a game against San Antonio in Mexico, but that was postponed.

No. 13 (Last Week: 11): Marc Stein, ESPN

Anyone remember that 3-0 start? The Wolves won't have too many fond memories of the season's up-and-down opening quarter. The last week was especially trying due to the cancellation of their game in Mexico and the tough circumstances forcing K-Love to miss Miami's weekend visit.

No. 14 (Last Week: 13): Marc Spears, Yahoo! Sports

Smoke canceled the T'wolves' game in Mexico City last week against the Spurs. The Wolves visit San Antonio on Friday.

No. 13 (Last Week: 12): Matt Moore, CBS Sports

Do these guys want to wake up for us, please? Somebody get them a Red Bull or something.

No. 14 (Last Week: 11): USA Today Writers' Poll

In the Western Conference, you can go from top four to bottom three in three weeks.

No. 12  (Last Week: 12): Matt Dollinger, Sports Illustrated

The Wolves' last six losses have come against the Heat, Thunder, Nuggets, Pacers, Rockets and Clippers, all of whom sit in the top 10 of our rankings. If it hadn't been for a faulty generator in Mexico City, the Spurs might have been on that list, too.

No. 14 (Last Week: 13): David Aldridge,

Kevin Martin shooting better on threes (42 percent) than overall (41 percent).

No. 15 (Last Week: 12): John Schuhmann,

The Wolves are 7-2 when they shoot 32 percent from 3-point range, but they've done that just once in their last 11 games. They were the worst jump-shooting team in the league last season and, despite the additions of Kevin Martin and a healthy Kevin Love, have actually been worse from the perimeter this year, with an effective field goal percentage of just 41.0 percent from outside the paint.