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Post Game Madness

We recap the Wolves v. Lakers

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes...well, sometimes a talented team just shoots 70% from the floor. Sometimes a jacka** team that has lost 8 in the row on the road manages to shoot 80% from beyond the arc in a quarter. There's really not much you can do about that, right?

OK, manning the zone helps. The defense was bad. Luke Ridnour on Kobe Bryant isn't going to win many games but injuries are injuries, right?


This was one of those write off games. There's really not much to break down. In the first quarter the Wolves were shooting well above their average percentage and they were still getting drilled because the Lakers couldn't miss from the great beyond. Yeah, there was bad defense, but there was also some insane shooting. Not much you can do about that.

The only big take away from this game is that a) Ricky Rubio really is fun to watch and he hates to lose and b) Rick Adelman is capable of bad lineup decisions. Say what you will about D-Will and Christ Johnson, but they need more minutes under Rick Adelman. It's not like the Wolves will lose because of them. Adelman is probably the best coach in team history but it's becoming kind of hard to ignore his weird aversion to a few players on the roster.

F'ing Kobe. The world deserves a grouping of sports stars that includes Kobe Bryant, Lance Armstrong, and Ray Lewis.

Anywho...the Wolves now find themselves in an interesting position. They're not going to make this year's playoffs, yet they have a team that, when not injured, is a tough out. What do they do? Do they start to think about next year? Do they hit the trade market? Do they move Pek? It should be an interesting next 3 weeks before the trade deadline.

OK folks, it's movie night. I think I can catch the end of Pitch Perfect. Until later.