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Weekly Wolves Reader

Your weekly home for all things Wolves related.

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DATE: Sunday, February 10th

RECORD: 18-29, last place in NW Division, 12/15 Western Conference, 21/30 League-wide

PTS/G: 95.2 (21st of 30) ▪ Opp PTS/G: 97.2 (14th of 30)
SRS: -1.71 (18th of 30) ▪ Pace: 92.0 (13th of 30)
Off Rtg: 103.2 (21st of 30) ▪ Def Rtg: 105.3 (14th of 30)
Expected W-L: 20-27 (20th of 30)

(From Basketball Reference)




(From The NBA Geek)

(You can view the spreadsheet here.)

Knicks 100, Wolves 94

San Antonio 104, Minnesota 94
Portland 100, Minnesota 98
Recap of the Week: Ben Polk's Knicks wrap up.

Player of the Week: Nikola Pekovic. Team high game scores, efficiency ratings, and 16.6 pts/10.6 reb per game. Ricky Rubio is the runner up while flashing signs of unicorn greatness, but Pek takes home the cake by being the team's only consistent legit offensive threat. He also plays some pretty decent (although not flashy) interior defense.

Theme of the Week: The team is returning to form...or as much form as possible without Kevin Love, Chase Budinger, and a functional starting 2 guard to occupy the Brandon Roy contract. They continue to play entertaining basketball on a game-by-game basis, but it is still pretty hard to overlook the whole "wasted season" aspect of what is going on. It is tough to watch but nobody has given up and hopefully this season can still be used to teach the team how to win while not seeing any more injuries and not running AK and Pek into the ground.

What to Look for Going Forward: The trade deadline looms. What will Papa Glen tell the POBO to do? This team is a top shelf playoff contender if it was healthy. Do they keep it together for another run in the 2013/14 season or do they start shifting assets to cut costs for the pending sale of the team? Is there a middle ground here? What say you?

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