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Game #47: Wolves v. Grizzlies

The Timberwolves pay a visit to the new-look Grizzlybears


Rudy Gay: out. Tayshaun Prince: in.

The Wolves just went 1-5 on the homestand. They're not making the playoffs. Everything from here on out needs to be done with next season in mind. Sucky. But there's no way around it.

Play Gelabale. Play CJ. Get Brandon Roy out the door. Pay Pekovic or get a top-shelf player for him. Turn Derrick Williams and one of the point guards into a halfway-decent wing and/or a lottery pick. Not doing any of this ASAP is just wasting time on a denial of reality.

Memphis' defense will be a big test of Rubio's new-found awesomeness. Go Rubio, go!