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Post Game Grammy Thread

Well that got crappy in a hurry. The Wolves and Griz locked furry horns early for a back and forth struggle for a quarter and a half and then...pow. I went out to shovel at halftime and came back to a 15 or so point deficit just 3-5 minutes into the 3rd quarter.

I wish it was something sexier than just not being able to shoot or take care of the damn ball (19 turnovers with 3 minutes to go in the game), but that's pretty much it. Not even Ricky Rubio could open up any decent corner sets or a whole lot of midrange wing jumpers. The Pek and roll to the rim was non-existant, and JJ was on the bench with an injury.

Finally, what on earth did Chris Johnson do to Rick Adelman's dog? Did he kick him in the teeth? Did he feed him a bar of chocolate? The guy just seems to get things done while he is on the court (even pretty plays like double-clutch two handed dunks) and he never seems to be able to crack the lineup with Adelman running things.

Finally, Memphis is simply a tough hardass kind of squad that is able to win with hustle and defense. It was nice to see them get some production out of the players received in the Rudy Gay deal. I really hope they can work things out with Lionel Hollins and the new players. If they can, they should be a really tough out in the playoffs. I'd really like to see them matched up against OKC in the 2nd round.

Well folks, that's about it for the quick post-game recap. More (maybe) after the Grammy's.

Until later.