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OK, the plan DID NOT work this time around. First, there was beer and bluecys:


Then, there was a walk around Lake Como (IN THE SNOW!!!) with the puppy and the Mrs. After that, we learned that the Minnesota Timberwolves had their doors blown off by the Utah Jazz. I'm not sure there are any other lucky charms we can pull out for the bestest professional basketball team in the entire universe. This is problematic because I am the supreme ruler of...well, everything.


(I'll be signing copies of my book this Friday from 6-8 at the Edina Barnes and Noble. Come on down for an autograph, an apple, and a palm reading.)

Actually, we probably messed with the program by leaving the Blue Door somewhere in the middle of the 3rd quarter with the team up (or maybe was after 2 [or 3] glasses of Indeed) by 1. We get home to...ugh. Anywho...

Here's the updated sign-up sheet:

Everybody should be able to edit the spreadsheet and sign up by themselves.

Onward and upward and towards Bluecy glory!!!

(Also, NOT IN THE FACE!!!)

(Also, also: can this season be over already?)