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NBA Trade Deadline, T-Minus 32 Hours (Oh Yeah, Philly V. Minny, Too

Your one stop shop for Wolves trade rumors and talk...oh yeah, they play a game tonight, too


Tomorrow: 2PM CST. The trade deadline.

Tonight: 7 PM CST. Philly comes to town.

Rumor recap: Everybody but Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio, Nikola Pekovic, and Chase Budinger is up for grabs. The most likely to depart are Derrick Williams (rumored to be in a Kyle Korver/Houston pick Atlanta deal) and J.J. Barea (rumored to be on his way down south to Dallas).

Things to remember: David Kahn doesn't do a lot of in-season deals. Anthony Randolph, Darko Milicic, Corey Brewer...these are the types of players the team typically moves during the season under David Kahn. This is not a bad thing with the current squad. They are clearly out of the playoff hunt and any move should be made with an eye to next year. If they can pick up a nice player with average production for, say, the Memphis pick and Williams, so be it. If they can pick up a nice player with average production for Barea, so be it. As long as they don't pull off any crazy Kahntracts or hand out a long term deal to O.J. Mayo, it's not like they can screw this one up too much.

I'll update this stream throughout the day as need be. Please post any relevant rumors in the comments section and I'll post the good ones to the stream. Let's crowdsource the trade deadline for Wolves fans. If you're on Twitter, use the tag #wolvesline for any links or rumors you want to bring to our attention. I'll do my best to retweet the good stuff.

The game thread will go up at 6:30 pm but today and tomorrow will mostly be about the trade deadline. Hopefully the team will make a decent move for next year. Ideally, it would be with just Williams, but...well, I'd have to wait and see what they get for Barea. If they can get anything for Ridnour, great.

What will you be looking for near the deadline?

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