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Post Game Thread

A win is a win is a win is a win is a win is a...something.

Thankfully, Philly decided to show up and play in the 2nd half and the game wasn't a total wash. I guess, for me, the worst part of the season has bene that we've been denied upper level pro basketball. Either the good guys are hurt or the opposition doesn't give it their all...there have been a lot of those types of games. I just want to see entertaining and good pro ball.


Tonight's recap will be done by jacob9. Look for his recap to be put up on the front page. My short recap: Pek + rebounds = teh awesome. Also, if Pek got Shaq calls, he'd be the best player in the league. People beat the living s**t out of him each and every night. I think he took an actual punch tonight and nothing was called.

Oh well, look for jacob9's recap.

Until later.