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And Oh, What A Trade It Was

Nothingness. Absurdity?

Who knows if we read Camus or Cat in the Hat today? Whatever it was didn't hurt or help the Wolves' main (and immediate) goal: winning next year.

Here's the only thing I'll say about today's trade deadline: I'm sick and tired of this team operating along the lines of stupid blueprints and cap space. Ultimately, what will help both the business and the basketball side of the operation is one thing: Can they identify good professional basketball talent? Did they have an opportunity to add production to the 2013/14 roster today? If so, and they passed on it, then bad on them. If they did not, then...oh well, we're waiting for next year anyway.

And on we go with the 31 games remaining in the season. Sweet relief, come quickly.

One final point: Can we do away with agent rumors? Why do we even need them? Why can't we talk about bluegrass YouTube videos or silly trade machine scenarios? Do we really need Chris Mempis Broussard on the TV?

Oh well. Onward and upward. Hopefully the Wolves will get lucky in the draft, move Williams for a solid 2/3 and have everybody back healthy for next year's run for dominance.

Until then....oi, here's hoping we find a lot of good music on YouTube.