From Hibbing to the Haight: A Timberwolves vs. Warriors Musical Preview.

Well folks, as the season wears on and we find our beloved Timberwolves revisiting teams they have already played we are forced to find new ways to celebrate the music associated with our on court foes. As always the rules here are loosely interpreted and any music you love from the bay area and beyond is both welcome and appreciated. For this post I am looking for your favorite covers of Minnesota's own song writer laureate Bob Dylan. This feels apt to me because of the respect that the Grateful Dead, the face of San Francisco's late 1960's music scene, has always given Dylan's music. This respect, by the way, clearly went both ways. In fact you will not be surprised to learn that I believe Jerry Garcia to have been one of the finest interpreters of Mr. Dylan's music around (when he was around). You, no doubt, will have other opinions and I look forward to hearing them.

However, before we get to my video evidence of this I believe that any discussion of Dylan covers must begin with Jimi. We all know and love his version of All Along the Watch Tower. I think you will also agree Hendrix handles Like A Rolling Stone particularly well in this video:

Wow, that was sweet. Now, how the hell is the Grateful Dead supposed to top that. My answer to you is that they probably can't. Still, I believe, they do a pretty good job. I submit as evidence the following version of Visions of Johanna (one of my all time favorites). I have to admit that when I first got hold of this on CD I did the "teenage girl with a new Bieber CD" thing and listened to the song about six times in a row. I do not expect you yo fall into this pattern but I also will not try to stop you if you do.

So now that you are hooked on Garcia Dylan covers I think you are ready for this from the Jerry Garcia Band:

Yikes, kind of makes you want to start a revolution doesn't it? (Or at least stop by a topless bar for a quick beer). Anyway, I know, I know. The Dead are not for everyone and for reasons I don't really understand people tend to be all in or completely turned off by them- as if it's the bands fault that their fans have stopped contributing to the economy so they can drive around selling grilled cheese sandwiches. In the interest of remaining friends I offer you this excellent Dylan cover:

Hell, even Hannah Montana does a good job in my opinion. Check this out,

Also, Andrew Bogut is from Australia and so is Nick Cave so if the only thing you hate more than the Grateful Dead is Bob Dylan Covers here's one from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

Well, I think that's enough from me for now, don't you? That means it's your turn. What Dylan covers or Australian bands do you love?