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Game #46: Wolves V. Spurs

With David Stern in the audience, will the Wolves pull one out against the dastardly San Antonio Spurs?

Greg Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe Dungeon Master Duncan will be distracted by the return of Community. Or maybe he will be super focused because he is a citizen of Harmontown who loves little else but the sweet science of basketball and f**k your momma raps and is ready to take his frustration out on Los Lobos.

It's a sticky situation. Hopefully whatever happens will have a better vibe than what happened at Harmontown Varsity Theater. That shit got real and it looked like everything else in Minneapolis: A fake hipster knock off of something vaguely Portlandiaish. Yeah, I went there. St. Paul, yo. Enjoy your bad local donuts, west siders.

Anywho, this site is supposed to be about basketball. The hometown nine should go for a bunch of yards against the friendly side. If the Wolves can win the battle on the line they should be able to carry the day. 110% of the time, of course.

Other things:

Let's do this!