MIN-POR Musical Preview: God Save the Queen

The Wolves take on the Trailblazers again and we have already covered Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, and every state between Portland and Minnesota in earlier threads. I'm tired, so will keep this brief.

Joel Freeland of the Blazers is an Englishman. So let's open the floodgates to great artists in the UK. I am an anglophile who can never get enough of the British Invasion bands; of Elvis Costello and the Sex Pistols and the Pogues; of Cat Stevens and Adele and Corinne Bailey Rae and Robert Burns. Where to start? Where to stop?

How about four semi-random clips from across the British Isles, literally and figuratively.

First up, London's answer to Frank Sinatra, Matt Munro:

Something about this song by Scotland's Teenage Fanclub hypnotizes me:

This 2006 song by the Zutons may be my favorite single of the century - pure pop perfection:

Finally, I have to include at least one song by a classic 60's band; this one's for you, Ricky Rubio!