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Kevin Love still 2-3 weeks away

Still not cleared for contact

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports


MINNEAPOLIS -- Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love met with a specialist on Wednesday to examine his surgically repaired right hand, and it doesn't appear the former All-Star will be ready to hit the court anytime soon.

The team says Love's hand is "healing properly." But the team also says Love has not been cleared for contact or full practice yet and that his next evaluation by doctors won't come for another two-to-three weeks.

So the initial plan of him playing the last 15-20 games is scrap, obviously. But 3 weeks would put his return in the April 5-6 area, at which point there would only be 5-6 games left. Would that even be worth it?

(The same can be debated in regards to Chase Budinger)