MIN-HOU Musical Preview: Your Top Three

It's been a few games since we've had a straight up musical preview. And since the next Timberwolves' game is in Texas, which we've covered well in the past, this will be another change of pace post. I look forward to Toronto, which may be the only city we haven't musically visited yet, to talk Canadian tunes. BTO!

Your mission is a simple one. Go to iTunes (or whatever your musical software of choice is) and sort your songs by # of times played. List the top three in order. No cheating. No excuses. And feel free to wax poetic about any of your Top Three, should the spirit move you.

I am only mildly surprised that my Top Three were all by the same artist. That he is Bob Dylan outs me as a Minnesota homer.

1 - Simple Twist of Fate - 106 plays

1 (tie) - You're a Big Girl Now - 106

3 - Po' Boy - 104

I look forward to your lists. Until then, here are some cover versions from mine...

These covers are all fine, I guess. But to me, anyone else doing Dylan is like watching Ridnour attempt a Rubioesque pass - even when it works it's missing the magic.