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Wolves V. Rockets, A Recap

We try to imagine swear words that will fit the bill.

Scott Halleran

Ron Portman just found out he has a son who is a Wolves fan. He now supports them getting the number 1 pick in the draft.

Empathy through relation/direct personal experience, people. Catch the sensation.

Anywho....YOUR Minnesota Timberwolves just participated in one of the most entertaining (yet, keeping with the local tradition: gutting) losses of the year. The tilt was quickly paced, many shots were made, there were ups and downs, and the Minnesota Timberwolves handed the Houston Rockets several "greatest come back" awards that they can take home and be proud of.

(Keep it together, Jake, keep it together.)

The Wolves are a fundamentally likable squad. They have a laughably tragic history filled with talk of contraction, threats of movement, ridiculous billionaire approximation of human activity, you name it. Their organization is filled with either really wonderful people or the hack-job cronies of the owner's former son-in-law. They meannnnnnnn well. And we love them for that.

Meanwhile, games.

Something, something, something, something, collapse.

20 point leads.

Are these mushrooms? The mushrooms they talk about in hushed tones at Pioneer Hall?

I'll have three.


I was born a poor black Ohio Senator with a gay son named empathy.


OK, I have seen the future of Bahn Mi sandwiches and it is Ha Tien. Once that article was written, several white people in horned rimmed glasses showed up on University Avenue. Thankfully, none of them ordered the BBQ duck and I was able to walk away with one of the best foodie gets in the cities for $20. LET THEM EAT SANDWICHES!!!

OK, basketball.

That was a really fun game to watch. The Rockets are in the process of creating a team built around corner 3s and layups and the immediate results are completely entertaining. The Wolves are in the process of creating a team built around healthy bench players and they will take what they can get on a game to game basis. Of course they will collapse. Of couse they will get the 3rd quarter s**ts.

There are no more lessons to be had this year other than Ricky is the BIZNESSSSSS!!! and Derrick Williams needs to learn how to box the f**k out.

Until later.

Das Twitzel.