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Wolves, Lakers: Recap

Of course he did.

You know that friend who hates the NBA and who tells you that it's kind of rigged so the superstars in big cities get whatever they want and that you really only need to watch the last five minutes of any game to know enough?

Yeah, he's right.

Looking through my game notes about Pek's positioning in the lane, the way Ricky sets up defensive (defensive!!!) angles off the ball, the intriguing use of Chase Budinger off screens and what that would look like next to a fully functional Kevin Love, and AK's pedal to the metal defense on Kobe Bryant in the first half...well, f**k all of that, as all of the build up to the final few minutes doesn't really matter. Not the hack-a-Dwight, not Ricky going balls-out down the stretch, not Ham playing the role of the mid-range specialist, nothing.

The Wolves did everything they possibly could to put themselves back in a position to win a game and it was taken away by a comically predictable non-call on the league's best paid player. Did the refs blow the game for the Wolves? Of course not, but they certainly provided your NBA hating friend with the crown jewel of "I told you so's" and there's really nothing that can be said to prove him wrong.

What a joke.