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I Need A Pep Talk

That was rough. Non stop season ticket pitches. BS refing. A decimated roster.


I started the game all ready to go with a notepad and...ugh. I lasted about 10 minutes. I've followed this team since the Metrodome. I saw Michael Jordan play in a Dome. I know what Chuck Person means to this franchise. I sat through Sidney Lowe and Jimmy Rogers. I remember being in 4th grade talking to my busdriver about the Star Tribune contest to name the team. We both picked "Timberwolves."

I can't watch this. It's too painful.

This isn't because I'm too wrapped up in pro sports or angry or sad or whatever. Rather, I just don't know what to do with it anymore. I've seen it before. I've heard the pitch. I've seen the horizon. I know the dog whistle. I'm not done, but I'm numb. I want to pretend that this year simply hasn't existed (and not just for on-the-court stuff...we no longer have the most optimistic fan in sports history to help us out).

I need a pep talk. What now?

BTW, my friend Aaron has a single. Check it out: