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Wolves, Nuggets, Movies: Game Day Thread For Wolves Vs. Denver

Keeping the positivity train going, we ignore basketball once again in order to say good things about the world.


Point Break, 1991



(story), (story), 1 more credit "

The bromance to end all bromances, so-bad-it's-good acting, surfosophy, prime Gary Busey, skydiving, bank robberies, and quote after quotable quote. I snuck into the movie theater in (I think) Southtown (maybe Southdale) to see this one and it pretty much became the source of my fuzzy high school era worldview. Via con dios, brah.

Blowup, 1966


(story), (short story "Las babas del diablo"), 3 more credits "

What is it, exactly, that you think you saw? Why do you need it? What makes it art? What gives it value? Blow Up is an extended meditation on focus and individual perception. It's a more challenging watch than Point Break, but definitely worth your time. What other movie is going to give you murder (?), mimes, mods, and the Yardbirds while forcing you to ask yourself questions about what you really know about reality?

Encounters at the End of the World, 2007



I think this is the funniest moment in cinematic history. "Is there such a thing as insanity among penguins?" Look at his face. LOOK AT IT!!!?? HAVE THEY HAVE ENOUGH OF THEIR COLONY? Oh, Werner, please don't eat any flapjacks.

Punisher: War Zone, 2008


The second best speech in movie history. %?

In all seriousness, Lexi Alexander deserves another shot.

Fearless Freaks, 2005.

A documentary on the evolution of the Oklahoma band The Flaming Lips.


Oh, the Lips. Love them. Enjoy them.