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Second Verse, Same As The First: Wolves/Nuggs Quick Recap

Well that was certainly par for the course.

  1. Stay in the game with good early play and some unicorn magic.
  2. Eventually poke other team with a stick to get them interested.
  3. Get blown out by increased opposition effort + terrible shooting.
The Minny 3 Step is the hottest dance craze of the season. DISTRACT YOURSELVES!!!

Random notes:
  • Denver tried to clown the Wolves late in this one. The Wolves didn't let them. They get style points but no moral victory.
  • George Karl running out on the court like an idiot = Rick Adelman getting kind of annoyed.
  • Alexey Shved is not a functional NBA player right now. He's hit all sorts of walls.
  • Apparently, unicorns can technical foul.
I'd like to get upset or have something cool to say about this game but it's a pretty meh loss in the grand scheme of things. Someone tweeted "rock bottom?" at me after the game. Probably not. But, oh well. It's not like it couldn't get worse.

It's all a blur.

Did someone just hit me in the face?

Killer, Tom Jones.

Until later.