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A loss (and a win..?) Min/Utah wrap

The Timberpuppies do their part to try and keep the Lakers out of the playoffs


And here we are in alternate ex-Puppy land, where Randy Foye shoots 63% and Al Jefferson actually passes the basketball.

(and Corey Brewer averages 20 ppg while shooting 40% from three in April)

They combined to go 24-35 from the field (68%) Al Jefferson tied his career high of 40 points and came one assist shy (6) of his career high in assists. Foye scored 16 points...15 of them from beyond. FYI, these are two guys averaging 17 and 10 ppg on 48% and 39% shooting, respectively.

Something to prove? Prove to who? McHale's navy flies it's flag in Houston now, all things considered, most Wolves fans would probably welcome back the Earthbounds at this point (Foye is shooting 40% from three...?)

But let's stick to what's important here: by beating us, the Jazz are now one Golden State win away from taking the 8th seed away from Soviet Russia North Korea the Imperial Stormtroopers the Chitauri the Orks of Mordor the Death Eaters every single freakin' zombie in Minecraft the LA Lakers. Is that a cause worth losing for?

Should LA lose to their northern neighbors tonight and the Spurs on Sunday, I vote we throw the Jazz rematch on Monday. I'd be the most productive thing we've done all season. Although I suppose watching LA get wiped out by the Spurs or Thunder in the first round would be pretty satisfying too. Hey, win/win!

(And yes, I realize that gif is probably scarier than any of the names I called the ****ers)

Anyhoo. Get Love healthy. Resign Pek. Find a guy like Gordon Hayward and throw money at him. And beat LA.

Remember: Psy has a new song coming out today. And only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise.

I guess that actually makes us the Stormtroopers of the NBA....hrrrmmm....