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Draft Links

Where to go for draft info


With the season almost over, it's time to start putting together what we know about the draft. Feel free to put any links I missed in the comments and I will update the post as need be. And no, I'm not linking to

General Info:

  • Draft Express: I'm a bit leery of how they put together their stats, but it's hard to think of a better one stop shop for all of your mock draft/draft needs. They have mock drafts over several years, measurements, scouting videos, you name it. It's pretty tough to beat.
  • Kenpom (subscription): I'm a big believer in free content but this is one of the few exceptions where I'll point you to a pay-for-play site. If you're a draft fan, or if you're a fan of college ball in general, this is one of the better $20 you can hope to spend. Ken Pomeroy has detailed advanced college stats dating all the way back to 2003. You can even break things down by strength of schedule. It's really good stuff.
  • SR College Basketball: Basketball Reference for college. Everything you like about Basketball Reference, but in collegiate format.
  • God Is My Judge NCAA ASPM and VORP: Kind of self explanatory. Well, the second part anyway. (I guess the first is, as well.) This site also has fantastic NBA stats you can monkey around with.
  • vjl110's draft projections: It's in his sig line people. Click on it.
Mock Drafts and Rankings:
I'll continue to update this post as I find links.