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Zgoda: Kevin Love Done For The Year, To Have Minor Knee Surgery

Zgoda: Love done for the season.


From the Strib:

Kevin Love will not play again this season.

But it's not because of that healing broken shooting hand necessarily.

Love will have that hand re-examined in New York City at the Hospital for Special Surgery on Tuesday and while he's there, he'll consult with another surgeon who will perform arthroscopic surgery to repair scar tissue on his left knee later this week, sources said Monday evening.

A source called the operation "minor."

The knee apparently has bothered him some much of the season. The plan was to have it done at the end of the season if his hand was cleared for contact action, but it bothered him more as he ramped up workouts for his return and the decision was made to have the surgery now.

That, of course, ends any chance for him to play again.

He probably wasn't coming back even without the knee operation, but what local columnist will take the bait and pen the first Love-quits-on-his-team-and-he's-not-a-leader column...or has that already been written and I missed it?