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'Major ownership announcement' coming for Wolves

Reportedly, it's one we'd never guess (unless we do...)

Alex Trautwig

Wolfson caught Glen Taylor on the phone for a quick chat, and here's what he got:

  • Major ownership announcement will be made in the next week or so. GT says we'll never guess what it is
  • No, it's not Chris Hansen and his Seattle-or-bust group
  • Adelman has apparently not given a final decision yet. Taylor has kept in close contact, and deems his return 'favorable'
  • (Were I to speculate, I'd say we'll get an Adelman decision around mid-May)
  • Taylor would not confirm report that Saunders is in and Kahn is out. But he didn't deny them either. And apparently made a point to say that nothing should be inferred from Kahn scouting in Europe right now
  • Taylor would also not comment on whether Phil Jackson was part of the discussion

Personally, I think the ownership announcement is not nearly as un-guess-able as Taylor says. We know Saunders has an investment group trying to buy the team. We know that Taylor won't sell to someone who would even think of leaving 'Sota (IE Hansen and Co.) We've already gotten reports that Saunders is lined up for a front office job, which would make absolutely no sense if Glen was selling to an unknown person(s) (it's hard to doubt a report from Asch, especially when specific years/salary figures are discussed) And Phil makes even less sense, because there's no way Adelman would be 'favorable' to return and work under Jackson. Sooo.....

At any rate, it seems pretty likely that, of the scenario of...

  1. Adelman returning to work under Saunders
  2. Adelman not returning
  3. Glen selling to Saunders' group

...#3 is the odds-on favorite answer. We'll see. Maybe it really is something completely out of left field. Zigi? The Maloofs? Kevin Garnett?

(Part of the issue here might be simple communication gaps because all the other caught in the middle of the war between Seattle and Sacramento for Kings/Sonics ownership/relocation)

At any rate, sounds like we'll be getting the answer soon.