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Friday Playoffs Game Thread and Timberwolves Notes

Two game threes tonight in Chicago and Oakland, plus a few notes from around the league.

Curry.  Shoots.
Curry. Shoots.

The Wolves have officially waived Brandon Roy. I don't think any of us will forget all the thrills and chills of the Brandon Roy era. Yet another piece of evidence that the shooting guard position is cursed for the T-Wolves. Watch out, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, you might be next.

Story about Kevin Garnett and his career featuring quotes from both Kevin McHale and Flip Saunders can be found here.

The Philadelphia 76ers have hired former Rockets VP Sam Hinkie to be their new General Manager. Hinkie is credited with helping to run the Rockets' analytics department as well as salary cap management. Another really, really smart guy gets his shot to run a team. Another team.

Tonight's games:

Miami Heat at Chicago Bulls (1-1): 7:00pm Central on ESPN

Things got testy in game two of this series, with several technical and flagrant fouls handed out, and an ejection of Joakim Noah. The Heat answered their game one defeat with a blowout of the Bulls in game two, so we'll see if the Bulls can answer back. They've been incredibly tough in these playoffs, but are again without Luol Deng and Kirk Hinrich for game three. At some point, you just don't have enough.

San Antonio Spurs at Golden State Warriors (1-1): 9:30pm on ESPN

Other than a few decisive minutes in game one, the Warriors have badly outplayed the Spurs so far in this series. As Zach Lowe wrote about today, with David Lee out, Stephen Curry's role has changed, and nobody can figure out how to stop it. But the Spurs are smart, and very good, and will come up with something. Whether it's enough to stop the current playoff juggernaut that is the Golden State Warriors remains to be seen.

Enjoy the games. Chat here.