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Saturday Evening Playoffs Game Thread

All's quiet on the Wolves front, but two good playoff games tonight.


Thunder at Grizzlies (1-1): 4pm Central ESPN

After a three day layoff, these two series get going again. These two teams split in Oklahoma City, but I thought the Grizzlies looked like the better team than the depleted Thunder. OKC needs to get something offensively from Serge Ibaka. The Grizzlies have been getting it done how they do, with defense and their bigs. The Thunder need one of these next two in Memphis.

Knicks at Pacers (1-1): 7pm ABC

The Knicks rebounded from their game one loss to blowout the Pacers in game two. When the Knicks move the ball for open shots they are very difficult, but they sometimes rely too much on isolations and get stagnant. There is some question as to J.R. Smith's availability with an illness, but Amare Stoudemire is expected to play for the first time since early March. Whether that helps or hinders we'll have to see.

If you aren't out enjoying your Saturday evening elsewhere, chat about the games here.

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