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Sunday Notes and Spurs at Warriors Game Thread

New GM hirings, the Kings situation getting serious, and game four of Spurs-Warriors.

Tony Parker dominated game three vs. the Warriors
Tony Parker dominated game three vs. the Warriors
Jed Jacobsohn

Shockingly to me, rumor has it that Bryan Colangelo will remain in charge of the Toronto Raptors, who will likely pick up his option for the upcoming season. This is a man who presides over a team whose three highest paid players next season will be Rudy Gay, Andrea Bargnani, and DeMar DeRozan, He signed DeRozan to a huge extension a year before he had to, traded Jose Calderon and the young and promising Ed Davis for the overpaid Gay, and drafted and later extended the execrable Bargnani.

In other General Manager news, teams keep hiring smart, forward thinking people from successful organizations. The Suns hired the very well regarded Ryan McDonough away from the Celtics, while the 76ers hired Sam Hinkie, an important member of the Rockets front office who spearheaded their analytics program and was their salary cap guru as well.

Have I mentioned how thrilled I am that Glen Taylor and Flip Saunders get along so well?

The Sacramento Kings situation is getting more and more divisive, with the Seattle group increasing their offer and insisting that they are going to keep fighting for the team to the end and litigation looming in the background as a possibility, the Maloofs insisting that they won't sell to the local Sacramento group, and Sacramento insisting that they have worked with the NBA in good faith to meet the league's demands for ownership and a new arena. More league meetings are scheduled this week to try to sort this mess out, in the meantime, check out the respective SB Nation sites to get the local fans perspective:

Sactown Royalty and Sonics Rising. Good stuff.

Several coaching searches are going on throughout the league, but perhaps the most interesting is in Atlanta, where the Hawks apparently want to hire Stan Van least in part as a lure for Dwight Howard? That's a turnabout I wouldn't have predicted a year ago.

One game on the slate today:

Spurs at Warriors (2-1): 2:30 Central on ABC

The Spurs slowed down the Warriors in game three, reminding us that they are still pretty good and we shouldn't overreact to one or two games. The big question for today's tilt is the health of Steph Curry. He rolled his problematic ankle in game three, and his availability is a game time decision. Even if he does play, how much the ankle will effect him remains to be seen. A must win for the Warriors in one of the best buildings in the NBA. Should be fun.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and Happy Mother's Day!