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Knicks at Pacers and Warriors at Spurs Playoffs Game Thread

Two big games as we march toward the conference finals.

Defending Duncan
Defending Duncan

Knicks at Pacers (1-2) 6pm Central TNT

The big Knicks story today is health. Iman Shumpert's knee is hurting, but it looks like he'll try to play. Half the team is suffering from the flu. And they were completely dominated in game three. The Knicks need to figure out a way to get some open three pointers, a crucial part of their offense that the Pacers have been able to take away, and must do a better job on the boards.

The Pacers have been winning with stifling defense and tremendous rebounding; Roy Hibbert was huge on the offensive glass in game three. Paul George has been terrific defensively on Carmelo Anthony, and they have been the team getting the open three pointers. A must-win for the Knicks tonight on the road.

Warriors at Spurs (2-2) 8:30pm TNT

The Spurs had seemingly taken control of the series after their game three win, and were in control of game four up eight with less than 5 minutes left, but they let the Warriors hang around and eventually lost in overtime. Now it's back to San Antonio for a critical game five. The Spurs are good enough that they don't have to out shoot the Warriors in order to win, but they have to at least shoot respectably. Their sub-40% shooting in two of four games this series is shocking for a team with the 2nd highest field goal percentage in the league during the regular season.

The Warriors young players have done a great job contributing all season, and in the playoffs. But the return of Andrew Bogut has been perhaps the biggest shot in the arm for the Warriors, as he is capable of controlling the paint and guarding Tim Duncan one on one. That has helped to stifle the usually efficient Spurs attack.

Still, the Spurs have home court in this series, and Golden State will need a huge performance tonight to seize control of what has been the best first round series thus far.

Enjoy the games and talk about them here.