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Canis Hoopus featured on has starting its summer blog feature and we're up first

NOTE: This was signed up for before Nate left and was done before Eric....arrived(?) So...yeah. Keep in mind that this is basically just me, with a couple contributions from Nate

What sparked the creation of the blog and what is the focus message you try to send to your readers?

Well, Canis Hoopus was actually started before I joined as an editor, but our focus has always been the same: to provide a unique, fan-based perspective on the Timberwolves, and a community that our readers can interact with. Our coverage focuses on the Wolves not just as a sports team, but an entity and a part of our everyday lives, and our stories often reflect that with opinions and reactions to things the team does, and tie-ins to other aspects of life: music, movies/tv, politics, food, etc. We’ve also been fortunate enough to have very smart, very vocal readers who actively participate in our comments sections…often to the point of hundreds comments on a single story. Our reader know us and each other on a fairly personal level, which allows them to interact with more than just the content. They will also often contribute to the sites themselves, adding stories and their perspective, post-game and statistical analysis….a couple of our readers have even created their own statistical draft models that quite frankly exceed ours (which we affectionately call the Hoopus Score) and rival anything I’ve seen come out of the MIT Sloan Conference or any front office. That’s the kind of coverage you really can’t get anywhere else.

Full Q&A is live here on I also answer questions about summer needs to be addressed, Flip Saunders, the upcoming draft, my favorite memories, and why I love you so much.

(Also, I decided not to put it into the feature, but if we stay at that #9 spot in the draft, I fully expect that pick to be traded)