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Heat at Pacers Game Three Thread

Two down to the wire games in Miami were split. The series moves to Indianapolis for game three tonight.

J. Meric

Heat at Pacers: 7:30pm Central, TNT

Wow. Two fantastic games in this series that could have gone either way. The Heat took game one in overtime on a LeBron James drive in the final seconds that created significant controversy over Frank Vogel's tactics. The Pacers came back and won game two by forcing late turnovers by an otherwise spectacular LeBron James.

And that's what it comes down to for game three. The Heat have the best player on the planet, but he needs more help then he is getting. Dwyane Wade has not been playing like a superstar in this series, perhaps because of lingering health issues. Shane Battier and Ray Allen, the guys who usually camp in the corners and bury opponents with three pointers have not been making them so far. The Heat offense is predicated on those things, and James can only do so much.

For the Pacers, their inside tandem of Roy Hibbert and David West, along with perimeter beast Paul George is an emerging "big three" that looks fully capable of staying with the Heat. They are fierce defensively and were able to get the Heat in foul trouble in game two (10 FTAs each for Hibbert and West).

This series looks like it's going to last a while, and hopefully all of the games will be as contested and exciting as the first two. Enjoy it. Talk about it. Here.