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Timberwolves Notes and News from the NBA

A bullet-pointed notes column from your intrepid, well, maybe somewhat trepid, um, web surfer?

C.J. McCollum: Future Head Coach?
C.J. McCollum: Future Head Coach?

  • The Wolves' annual group workout for potential draftees takes place this afternoon and tomorrow morning. 24 players in all will work out for scouts from around the league in four groups of six.
  • These are all projected second round/UDFA guys. Some of the interesting names include Pierre Jackson, D.J. Stephens, and (for local interest) Rodney Williams. The full list can be found on Jerry Zs blog.
  • Flip Saunders will be available to the media between sessions both days, so expect some quotes to filter out this evening.
  • Plenty of other NBA types in town for the event, so we may get some stuff from other outposts as well. Post any interesting tidbits you read about in comments. Please.
  • For those of you who missed it, a Wolves fan-twitterer named Patrick Fenelon had an amazing twitter exchange with C.J. McCollum:
This is great (@Patrick_Fenelon)
That is pretty great, I think. C.J. McCollum: future head coach? Hopefully future Wolf, though I'm not counting on it.
  • Marc Stein reports via his twitter that two names that have emerged as potential hires for the Wolves front office are Tim Connelly, currently with the Pelicans, and Milt Newton, currently with the Wizards. Flip apparently worked with both of them in Washington.
  • Couple of teams have hired coaches this week:Jeff Horacek to the Suns and Steve Clifford the the Bobcats. Or Hornets. They aren't the Hornets (again) yet, are they?
  • Spurs finished their sweep of the Grizzlies in the WCF last night. Here's what happens: people start calling for wholesale changes for the Grizz. Hollins should go. Trade Z-Bo. Maybe those are good ideas, but could we breathe? This team won 56 games and made the WCF. Things could be worse.
  • Read this story about newest Lynx Sugar Rodgers. And this Lynx preview from SI.
  • Also, read this story about the relationship between Memphis and the Grizzlies.
  • Britney Griner made her WNBA debut for the Phoenix Mercury yesterday. Much is being made of her two dunks, and she did finish with 17/8/4 in 27 minutes. But her team got crushed by the Chicago Sky, and the big story was the play of #2 pick Elena Della Donne, who helped lead the Sky.
  • I have been remiss in posting music since I became site manager. Stop-n-Pop was much better at that, just one of the many things we miss. However, today is the birth anniversary of Wendy O. Williams, (d. 1998), founding member and singer of the seminal punk band The Plasmatics.

Plasmatics: Butcher Baby
  • I have a feeling most of you will prefer SnP's song choices to mine.
  • I think we'll make this the game thread for Heat at Pacers tonight. Game is at 7:30 CDT on TNT. The Heat showed how good they can be in game three after two close ones in Miami. Can the Pacers answer back, or will the Heat take complete control?
Go ahead. Chat away.