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Flip Saunders Press Conference: 10:30 am Friday

A press conference to introduce Flip Saunders as the new President of Basketball Operations for the Wolves has been scheduled for 10:30 Friday morning (45 minutes from now).

Saunders. POBO.
Saunders. POBO.
Rob Carr

I was planning a longer post about what we might expect from a Flip Saunders reign, but with the presser upon us, I'll just get this posted quickly for commentary and reaction.

A few questions I would like to see asked:

Have you worked with SportVU data in the past? What benefits can you see from that data?

How do you plan to prepare for the draft? Have you been scouting college basketball this season? Have you met with the Wolves scouting staff yet?

What are the priorities for the Wolves this off-season as you see them?

Have you spoken with Rick Adelman since considering this job? How do you foresee working with him?

Do you expect to make changes to the front office staff? How do you see roles evolving?

What do you want hear?

EDIT: Looks like it will air on both FSN and NBAtv, and also stream on