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Pacers at Knicks and Grizzlies at Thunder Tuesday Night Playoffs

Two game 2s on Tuesday night feature a must-win for the home standing Knicks and the Thunder trying to defend their home court against the big and physical Grizzlies

Roy Hibbert is a large man
Roy Hibbert is a large man

Pacers at Knicks: 6pm on TNT

Must win for the Knicks as they can't afford to go down 0-2 at home. The Pacers won game one behind their size and physical play, as they were able to manhandle the Knicks and especially Carmelo Anthony into a poor shooting night while dominating the offensive glass. The Knicks need to rediscover their shooting touch, especially from 3.

Grizzlies at Thunder: 8:30pm on TNT

The Thunder held off the Grizzlies in game one behind Kevin Durant's 35 and Kevin Martin's 25. Unusually for them, they were able to limit their turnovers, which gave them just enough to win. It looked for most of the game that the Grizzlies size and strength would be enough to get the job done, but their poor free throw shooting ultimately cost them. Will their size ultimately wear down the Thunder in this series and prove too much to overcome?

I am really enjoying the playoffs so far this year. There's something compelling everywhere, especially after the Bulls put pressure on the Heat last night. What's caught your eye?

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