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Timberwolves Bits and Wednesday Night Playoffs Open Thread: Bulls-Heat and Warriors-Spurs

Couple of Wolves notes and bits from around the league.

Ronald Martinez

We find out from Darren Wolfson's twitter the following items:

First, Flip Saunders has begun shaping his staff by getting rid of some current scouts, including the relatively high profile European scout Pete Philo.

Second, Rick Adelman was in town, and met with Flip Saunders at Target Center today. No word on his definite return, or what was discussed.

According to Ric Bucher, we might have found the only people outside his own family upset at his firing: Ricky Rubio and family. They'll get over it.

In what strikes me as a pretty lousy choice, Denver's George Karl has been named NBA Coach of the Year.

Two Game 2s tonight:

Bulls at Heat: 6pm Central on TNT

I expect the Heat to rebound pretty strongly and take care of business tonight, but that 4th quarter in the first game of this series was about the best quarter of basketball we've seen in the playoffs.

Warriors at Spurs: 8:30pm on TNT

Of course, I managed to miss the 2nd half and overtime of the first game in this series, as I am getting old and fell asleep. Gonna try to stay awake for this one, which means it will be a blowout.

Enjoy the games.