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Ricky Rubio Confirms His Participation at Eurobasket 2013

And has a few other things to say in interviews surrounding his summer camp for kids in Barcelona

Ricky Rubio at Eurobasket 2011
Ricky Rubio at Eurobasket 2011
Christof Koepsel

Ricky Rubio confirmed that he has made himself available for the Spanish team at Eurobasket 2013, which takes place in September in Slovenia.

He also discussed his summer plans, which include working on his strength and his shooting. I commend you to Alekhine's Fan Post, which I would have promoted and edited if I were able to do so. (Sorry!).

In other international Wolves related news, expect to see Nikola Pekovic at Eurobasket as well. Here is a fun article from a month ago about Montengro's incredible production of big men--Pekovic, Nikola Vucevic and others. If Nikola Mirotic was playing for his country of birth instead of Spain they would be quite formidable.

Let's take this opportunity to watch some Big Pek video, since we can:

And now for something different:

Cause Pek rolls like that.

Andrei Kirilenko will not be a part of Russia's Eurobasket squad, having announced at least a temporary retirement from his national team. But I expect to see Alexey Shved suit up for the Russians this summer.

I don't begrudge these guys playing for their national teams, but the Europeans have a brutal schedule. There is a major international tournament (Eurobasket, World Championships, Olympics) every summer. It's too damn much. I'm beginning to come around to David Stern's idea that the Olympics become an Under-23 tournament. Or something.

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