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Kevin Love Chatting on at 2:00pm CDT

The chances of him saying anything really substantive is about the same as me getting drafted, but we'll keep you updated.


Hey all. Kevin Love is participating in a chat on this afternoon. Probably mostly about the Finals, but he may answer some Wolves questions.

So if you have questions, here's the place to go for the chat.

I'll try to update this post later if he says anything worth reporting.

In other news, Flip Saunders said he absolutely expects Rick Adelman back as coach. He talks about that and re-signing Pekovic in this article.

The Adelman quote:

"We’ve talked every day, every other day," Saunders said during a break at the adidas Eurocamp. "He talks about his staff, he talks about players. We were talking the other day about offenses that I ran, offenses that he ran. Talking just the basketball talk. The talks that we’ve had leads me to believe that he’s going to be back.

Just a quick update today as things are pretty quiet on the Wolves front. Saunders will be back from Europe this week, and workouts start up again at Target Center on Wednesday.

Anyone got anything else?