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Timberwolves Draft Workout: The Big Men. Zeller, Muscala, Adams, Gobert, Marshall

The Timberwolves are going to work out 35 feet of center today at Target Center.

Mike Muscala
Mike Muscala
Kevin C. Cox

So...any interest in drafting a big man at #9? The Wolves will be taking a look at five bigs today in their workout, three of whom are at least possibilities at the 9th pick, and probably the best of whom is a possibility at 26.

Steven "Why is Alex Len ahead of me?" Adams, Rudy "Yeah, that's my wingspan" Gobert, Mike "Don't let the Patriot League fool you" Muscala, and Zeke "Don't forget about me" Marshall will work out together.

That will be followed by a solo workout with Cody "Again, why is Alex Len ahead of me?" Zeller. I hope the chair is ready.

Here's some stuff:

Cody Zeller SBN Scouting Report

And his Draft Express Scouting Video:

Rudy Gobert Scouting Report


Mike Muscala Video:

Steven Adams Scouting Report


Chat away everyone. Good Wednesday.