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More Wolves Workouts- Muhammad, Goodwin, and Finals Game Five

Welp. For Father's Day I guess I'm getting Shabazz Muhammad.

Ronald Martinez

And so we've finally gotten here. The sweaty palms moment. The day where all we can do is hope. Up until now, the Wolves have not worked out anyone terribly scary, but today, that comes to an end.

Shabazz Muhammad is in the building.

Perhaps it is simply the residue of being traumatized by this organization for so long, but this is my nightmare. Muhammad looking great in the ersatz environment of the pre-draft workout, and Flip falling in love. Images of Jonny Flynn dance in my head.

Archie Goodwin, another dubious prospect, though not one in play for the 9th pick, joins Muhammad today as the headliners in the Wolves workout. Goodwin is extremely young: he doesn't turn 19 until August, which is one of the things that helps him in vjl's rankings. He also showed some athletic ability at the combine and measured pretty well. On the other hand, he hasn't shown much ability to actually, you know, play basketball at a high level, which is a problem. The only reason I write so much about him is to get to the point where I can say it would sort of tickle me if the Wolves took him 26th, because then I could make jokes about this guy, who is the protagonist of my favorite series of detective novels.

At any rate. It's distasteful to wish ill on people. But if Shabazz Muhammad has the worst shooting day of his life today I would be thankful.

Miami Heat at San Antonio Spurs: 7pm CDT, ABC

This will also serve as the game thread for game five tonight. Sorry, but I actually do (very) occasionally have a life. Pivotal game, obviously; a Heat win puts them on the brink with two home games left. The Spurs need to bounce back after their game four loss. Dwyane Wade rose from the ashes to give us a vintage performace; we'll see what he has in store for tonight. I still think that at some point, Tim Duncan is going to have to have a big offensive game for the Spurs, and of course the same questions that were plaguing Wade are now plaguing Manu Ginobili.

I'm hoping for a good one. Enjoy it. Chat here. This is an open thread. So, be open.

PS: Happy fathers day to all the dads.