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More Timberwolves Draft Workouts and Trade Rumors.

Ten days until the draft, when things will actually, you know, happen. It can't come soon enough.

C.J. McCollum
C.J. McCollum

The Timberwolves had several players in on Monday for workouts, including Reggie Bullock, the North Carolina small forward who might be in play at 26, local guy Trevor Mbakwe, DeShaun Thomas, Tony Snell, and Carrick Felix.

Flip had this to say about Mbakwe:

Saunders on Mbakwe: "He has improved his shooting. I think he has the talent to play in the NBA."

More workouts coming Tuesday, including several interesting players. Glen RIce Jr. will be in, along with Brandon Paul and second round sleeper Arsalan Kazemi.

Working out on his own in the afternoon for the Wolves will be lottery possibility (and personal favorite) C.J. McCollum.

As I've said numerous times, these workouts scare the hell out of me. It might be the longstanding trauma I've suffered as a fan of this team, but visions of Jonny Flynn dance in my head during workout season. The nightmare is Flip being gobsmacked by some performance in the ersatz environment of the draft workout, and making the Big Mistake.

To wit:

Shabazz Muhammad was quoted as saying that the Wolves are one of his target teams at nine, and he really wanted to perform well, and thinks he did. The next day he shows up in Utah in a walking boot and cannot workout. Take this as meaning nothing (probable), or freak out about a promise (I might go that route at some point in the next 10 days).

You should keep up with Mark Remme who writes for the Wolves site; he usually has quotes and interviews with the guys working out and stuff from Flip as well.

I really need these next 10 days to pass as quickly as possible.

First major non-draft related Wolves trade rumor comes to us from here. In essence Tyson Chandler ($28M over two years) for Derrick Williams and Luke Ridnour. That would mean goodbye to Nikola Pekovic. I can't say I'm in love with this idea, but Chandler is the type of player many seem to think would fit with Love.

Swapping out Pek for Chandler and trading away other pieces in the process doesn't seem like the best use of resources to me. We'll see if this is real or not.

In the meantime, the big story around the league is the continued dialogue between the Clippers and Celtics surrounding Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett. This is beginning to seem like it actually might happen, as the Clips would trade for Garnett using DeAndre Jordan as the main salary piece, and the Celtics would release Rivers as well. Paul Pierce might or might not be involved in the trade (it sounds like not), but might wind up on the Clippers anyway if and when the Celtics trade him away and/or he gets bought out of his contract.

Presumably, the Clips are doing this under some pressure from Chris Paul, who they are obviously desperate to re-sign. Moving Jordan is not the worst idea in the world, but with Garnett and Pierce aging as they are, I can't see that group going to a Finals.

For Boston, it perhaps gets them a bit of a jump start on rebuilding, though it also commits them to Jordan for two seasons. Still, if they can move another contract in the deal, and not have to pay their coach $7 million a year, it's probably worthwhile.

Strange things happen in the NBA.

This is your Monday night-Tuesday thread. Be open, everybody.


  1. New name surfacing in Minny's search for top exec under Flip Saunders: Milton Lee, Nets director of basketball operations.