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Timberwolves, Lynx Notes: Workouts Continue Friday, Lynx Beat Mercury in 4th Quarter

Not a ton going on in Wolvesland at the moment; another workout is planned for Friday, and maybe one more on Monday, then we hunker down and wait for Thursday's draft.

Moore vs. Taurasi
Moore vs. Taurasi

The Minnesota Lynx stormed past the Phoenix Mercury on the road last night, winning 80-69 thanks to a 24-9 fourth quarter. The Lynx won behind 17 offensive rebounds and Maya Moore's 26-16-5 night. She looks to be taking her game to a new level, and might very well be the MVP when all is said and done. The Lynx move to 5-1 on the year, though they still need to use their bench more effectively and Seimone Augustus needs to get more efficient. Still, they remain probably the most talented team in the league.

Friday's Timberwolves draft workout will include Kelly Olynyk and Mason Plumlee, two bigs who are projected as mid-first rounders. I doubt either are seriously in play if the Wolves keep the 9th pick.

The Wolves once again will have an entry in the Las Vegas Summer League. They play their first game on Saturday, July 13th.

More Supreme Court decisions are expected this morning at 9 am CDT. I'll try to keep you updated. We await decisions on affirmative action in college admissions (Fisher), Section five of the Voting Rights Act (Shelby) and two same sex marriage cases, one about California's Prop 8, and another on DoMA.

James Gandolfini died yesterday; best known as the star of the Sopranos, he was 51 years old.

Slim Whitman also died yesterday; he was 90. (Thanks to Ratty Ratzinger for linking this last night):

Two musical birthdays today:

Chet Atkins (b. 1924, d. 2001):

Lionel Richie (1949)

We'll be back later with a game thread for GAME 7!

This is an open thread. So, be open.