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What Should be on the Target Center Playlist for Timberwolves Games?

Ok. So you like to talk music almost as much as basketball (never mind the beer). Let's combine it.

So...that's the question. What songs should the Wolves play at Target Center? My view is that they should play only Minnesota-based music. Given the musical history in the state, there is almost no end to the possibilities:

Anything ranging from Bob Dylan:

To Husker Du (this one would be good when there is a bad call):

They could go local and apologetic (which season ticket holders deserve):

They could embrace our wallowing in depression:

or this:

Or they could go in an entirely different direction:

So what do you think? Should they go all Minnesota? If so, what songs would you suggest?

Or, if you don't think all-Minnesota works, what do you want to hear? Is there a theme that appeals? A particular style of music? Or should they just play Rock and Roll Part 2 over and over again as a psych experiment?

What ya got?