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The. End. Welcome to the Off-season

The Miami Heat win back to back titles with a thrilling game seven win last night. And now the season is over. Four months without NBA basketball.

LeBron James with the Larry O'Brien.
LeBron James with the Larry O'Brien.

Congratulations to the Miami Heat for their second title in a row, which they secured last night in a 95-88 game seven win over the Spurs. As much as I would have liked to see Tim Duncan et. al. get one last title, there is no doubt about the identity of the best player in the world.

LeBron James went for 37 and 12, including several huge shots late as the Heat held off the Spurs.

As is always true in such a close, competitive series, it could have gone either way. One more favorable bounce in game six, and the Spurs are champions. It's a good lesson that luck plays a big role in outcomes. Which is why we should enjoy the process. Those were two excellent teams, built in different ways, with different strengths, playing passionate, enjoyable basketball for us to watch.

And now it's over.

Without games to talk about, NBA media will turn even more heavily to the draft, which takes place next Thursday, so expect the rumor mill to reach a fever pitch next week. We'll chew through it all.

The Wolves hold their final pre-draft workout today, featuring Gonzaga's Kelly Olynyk and Duke's Mason Plumlee.

Also, expect some more Around the Leagues from me and mr,.eggplant (who is killing it). And if any of you lazy bastards feel like writing one, please. Jump right in.

After the draft, we will find out about AK's player option and DC's team option, and then we're into trading/free agency seasons.

NBA story lines are year round.

This is an open thread, so be open.