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Saunders Talks Draft, Finals on KFAN

Flip Saunders spent half an hour on KFAN yesterday talking to everyone's favorite radio host, Dan Barreiro. It's worth a listen.

Flip pondering the draft board...
Flip pondering the draft board...
Jonathan Daniel

You can listen to Flip on the air with Dan Barreiro here.

A few points he made:

  • Moving up for a guy in their "top box" of players is possible, but likely expensive.
  • He won't move up a couple of spots; he's convinced that at least one of the "box" of players they have identified for the 9th pick will still be there at 9.
  • He mentioned having 4 players in that box. We might speculate on who those players are: McCollum, Caldwell-Pope, Zeller...or you know, none of the above. WHO IS IN HIS BOX?!?
  • He said they wanted AK back, though it seemed a bit unenthusiastic. Not clear whether he would even engage Kirilenko in talks if he opts out.
  • The FO has done multiple mock drafts all the way through the second round in order to be prepared for contingencies.
  • He thought Pop not having Duncan on the floor for the last play of game 6 made sense, because the risk of having Duncan switched onto LeBron James was too high.
  • On the other hand, he said he would have fouled immediately in that situation (up 3, 10 seconds left), and played a free throw shooting contest.
  • He talked up Derrick Williams. Of course.
In other news, the Lynx got absolutely blown out in Los Angeles last night, 87-59. Embarrassing. Worthy of a recipe. Post yours below.

Couple of musical birthdays today:

Howard Kaylen of The Turtles turns 66:

Cyndi Lauper turns 60:

This is an open thread, so be open.