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Draft Week! Doc to L.A., Lynx Rebound Against Tulsa

We're finally here. Draft week. When something will actually, you know, happen.

Doc and KG no longer together?
Doc and KG no longer together?
Bruce Bennett

So the Clippers have traded a 2015 first round pick for the rights to hire Doc Rivers as coach for $7 million a year. Presumably, this is Chris Paul's move. If this was necessary to get Paul to re-sign, then it's the right move, but it's also true that when a player is also the de facto general manager, things rarely end well.

In the meantime, rumor has it that KG to the Clippers won't happen, because the league will not permit it. The argument being that any deal would be too related to the Rivers deal and against league rules.

We'll see. It wouldn't surprise me if the league relented on this next month. I would be OK with it. DeAndre Jordan and a pick is not unreasonable in a trade for Garnett at this point.

Rumor has it that KG might return to Minnesota after another season in some sort of minority ownership role. That would be pretty great, I think, but we'll have to see what happens. He still has a good relationship with Flip Saunders.

The Minnesota Lynx rebounded from a disastrous performance in L.A. with a home win over the Tulsa Shock. Maya Moore and Seimone Augustus each went for 22, and the Lynx shot 53% from the field.

More Supreme Court decisions coming this morning. Keep up with Scotusblog and I will update in comments once decisions get announced.

It appears that draft rumors are coalescing around the idea that the Wolves first choice at the 9th pick is Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. Draft Express mocks him to the Wolves, and both Zgoda and Wolfson have suggested on Twitter that he's likely the choice.

This will be the first substantive thing Flip Saunders will do as Wolves President.

We'll have draft coverage throughout the week, of course. I'm hoping to get an article about the Wolves draft history up by later today, because we should always start out a big week with something depressing. A gathering storm of pessimism if you will.

Today's musical birthday is Derrick "Duckie" Simpson, founding member of Black Uhuru, who turns 63:

This is an open thread. So be open.