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Flip Saunders Holds Last Pre-Draft Press Conference

Wherein he once again shows ignorance of advanced statistics.

Rob Carr

I was going to do a piece on the Wolves draft history, but two things:

First, it was just too depressing. Second, with Flip now in charge, it just didn't seem particularly relevant.

Instead, let me recap today's Flip Saunders presser, and mention some of today's rumors:

  • Flip emphasized that while they need shooting, they are looking for a complete player
  • While Rubio makes players better, they also need players who can make Rubio better.
  • Doesn't see anyone in this draft who will be an all-star first two years.
  • Likes both KCP and McCollum: McCollum a better scorer/more range, KCP has size advantage.
  • Tony Mitchell was in to work out today; last workout prior to the draft.
  • Some trade talks, but nothing particularly appealing at the moment. Expects things to heat up Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Derrick Williams would be a top 3 pick in this draft.
  • Advanced stats are "information confirmation." Which I take to mean ignorable if they don't conform to what you already believe.
  • Said "Muscala would go #1" if all we went by was stats.
Flip. I'm never sure whether, when someone says something so obviously wrong, he actually believes it or is just bullshitting. He has done an incredible job ingratiating himself with the local media, as we as with Glen Taylor, obviously.

When you can get hired and make your boss forget about interviewing anyone else, your doing something right in the sales game. I wish I had that talent.

But he's pretty clearly an old-school guy in a new-school world that it's hard to see this working out well. The only chance it really has, outside of luck, is if he really is a talent spotting savant, as some have said, and can thus get away without using the best methods. I'm far from sold on that skill.

We'll start to see on Thursday.

In the meantime, Kevin Pelton's player rater got posted on Insider today.

Short version: his system is very age reliant, and likes Noel, KCP, McCollum, Porter, and Zeller, but doesn't like McLemore, (not enough FTs, too many turnovers for his low usage), or Oladipo (prior years hurt him). He's also not super high on Muscala, though he does see him as good second round value.

He likes many of the same second rounders that vjl does: Wolters, Roberson, Kazemi, even Broekhoff.

Seemed like time for a new thread.

Chat away.

EDIT: Couple of other notes:

Rick Adelman is in town for the rest of the week, so that's good.

Informal Wolves workouts happening in L.A.: Love, Rubio, Budinger, Williams. Johnson.