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NBA Draft Day Thread #1

The Clock just ticked over to Thursday, June 27th. Otherwise known as Draft Day.

This will be David Stern's last draft as NBA Commissioner
This will be David Stern's last draft as NBA Commissioner

NBA Draft: 6:30pm CDT on ESPN

It's like Christmas in June, even if recent years have brought us lumps of coal in our stockings for the most part. However, David Kahn is no longer presiding, which has it's good and bad points, but at least means we aren't absolutely doomed to disappointment.

Here's the plan: this will serve as the first draft day open thread; I'll add more as the day warrants. Of course this stream will be updated with any actual news, and if there are major rumors I'll update the stream as well.

Right now, it still looks like the Wolves will be choosing from Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Cody Zeller, and perhaps CJ McCollum at the 9th spot. If all of those players are gone, which is unlikely but not impossible, I have no idea what they might do.

In the meantime, it still appears as if Flip Saunders is trying to move up in the draft, using some combination of 9, 26, and Derrick Williams, and maybe all three. In essence, any tradeable commodity that isn't named Love or Rubio is probably available one way or another. Chad Ford has indicated that he thinks it's at least possible, as several teams in the top five are open to moving their pick. Saunders looks to be after Victor Oladipo. It wouldn't surprise me if he were to do something fairly big today, as I'm sure he wants to put his stamp on this team early, and this is his first opportunity.

I confess to some mixed feelings about this. I like Oladipo fine, but I'm not sure he's enough better than the options at 9 to warrant spending assets to move up. I do want to see Williams moved this summer, as I don't think his value is going to increase, but whether it makes sense to send him away in a deal for a higher draft pick isn't clear. But if Flip can go get his guy, I won't complain (too much).

There are also rumors swirling that the Wolves might acquire Brooklyn Nets shooting guard MarShon Brooks in exchange for the 26th pick. This one seems rather unappealing to me, as Marshon Brooks is a shooting guard who cannot shoot, so I'm hoping this doesn't happen.

But you know all of that. This is the first draft day open thread, so be open.

Let us know what you read or hear about the draft in the comments. I have no idea what's going to happen, which makes this kind of fun. More fun then waiting for the inevitable Wes Johnson pick anyway.

Chat away. Have fun. Make sure you have alcohol on hand.

Oh, and here are links to vjl's complete draft data article and his most recent "big board" article for your reference.