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Kevin Love: Mike and Mike Guest Host on ESPN Radio

Kevin Love guest-hosted Mike and Mike on Thursday morning. He's incredibly good at this sort of thing; I'm a little bitter that he already has his second career lined up at age 24.


Kevin Love sat in on the Mike and Mike show this morning. I missed the first hour; that's what happens when you have to get a 12 year old ready to go to school. (Do all 12 year olds forget everything? If I don't tell him 10 times to pack his homework and put on socks, it ain't happening).

He spoke about many topics, including the NBA Finals which start tonight.

My first thought: Kevin Love is really good at this. He's personable, funny, and quick-witted. There is zero doubt that a media job will be his for the taking when his playing career ends. Am I allowed to be bitter about multi-talented people?

He spoke about learning from this year, and while he defended his comments from earlier in this season, he acknowledged that there are better ways to say things.

He was asked about Kahn's "getting respect back from his teammates" remark, and he said that he didn't think it was true off the court, in that the team gets along very well, but might be true on the court. That he has to get back on the court and show that he's ready to play.

He expressed excitement about the team, saying that he, Rubio, and Pekovic can be an emerging Big 3, and that all of them feel the same. He said he is committed to Minnesota and the Wolves, and sees a bright future.

He asked guest Jarrett Jack how he would feel about playing in the Midwest during winter.

Flip Saunders called in via the sandwich line:

  • Promised Kevin he wasn't being traded (in response to Love's question).
  • Said the team has too many point guards (five, he said), and the roster needs balancing.
  • Thinks Miami has another gear they can get to, and likes them to win.
  • Didn't get asked any more real Wolves questions. Just talked about finding ways to stay healthy.
Love spoke about how great it was to do the Pepsi commercials with Kyrie Irving, loved it.

He picked the Heat to win in 6.

Overall, I would have liked to hear more about the Wolves, but obviously that isn't the major national story in the NBA at the moment (or ever). It was clear, however, that Love was trying to rehab his Minnesota image, and he did a good job of it.

Anyone else listen? What did you think?