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Monday Afternoon Free Agency: Thunder want Martin Sign & Trade, Wolves Visited Budinger

Last thread was getting slow, I thought. Lots of rumors flying. This is fun.


  • Rob Babcock visited Chase Budinger at his home in San Diego last night according to Jerry Z.
  • The Clippers have serious interest in O.J. Mayo, but also are rumored to be in talks to trade Eric Bledsoe in a sign and trade for J.J. Redick.
  • The Thunder seem resigned to losing Kevin Martin, but are hoping to engineer a sign and trade to get something out of it. They don't have much leverage, though.
  • The Pelicans are prepared to extend an offer sheet to Tyreke Evans at around $44 million for four years.
  • Saunders is rumored to have met with the agents for Redick, Dunleavy, and Dorrell Wright (The Wasserman Group).
What else you been hearing?