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Timberwolves Notes: Finalizing Brewer, Martin, Budinger; Summer League Practices

Morning everyone. A few notes to get your day started.


  • Chauncey Billups, about whom there were some Wolves rumors, has agreed to return to the Detriot Pistons on a two year contract.
  • In the meantime, we are still waiting to get all of the Wolves transactions sorted out, but I think it looks like this:
  • Wolves are trading Luke Ridnour for Kevin Martin, which means Martin's contract must start at less then $7 million and escalate.
  • They can then use their MLE to sign Corey Brewer to a 3 year, $15M contract. The final year might or might not be a player option.
  • They can also then use their Bird rights to sign Chase Budinger, and, hopefully soon, Nikola Pekovic.
  • That will probably be all in terms of roster changes this summer, but you never know. Does anyone else worry about not having enough at the center position?
  • Is Derrick Williams now the 3rd string power forward on the Wolves?
  • Summer league practices are underway in Minneapolis. Alexey Shved is practicing with the team, though he won't be playing. Here is a post-practice interview.
  • Here's a little more from SL practice.
  • Las Vegas Summer League starts tomorrow; Wolves first game is Saturday.
  • For those that were there: how was Wilco/Dylan? Set list?
This is an open thread, so be open.