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Happy Bastille Day, Wolves Fans

To the Barricades! Vive le Loups! Vive la Lynx!

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Your annual Bastille day thread. Unfortunately, I misplaced my guillotine. I did get tipsy on Pastis with my French neighbors last night, though.


A reminder: a year ago, we were deep in a pitched battle over Frenchman Nicolas Batum. While we ultimately lost that battle, we probably won the war, as the cost of victoire for the Blazers was high.

The Wolves did manage to retain their Gallic flair this week after cutting Michael Gelabale by signing Ronny Turiaf, who grew up in Martinique, went to high school in Paris and represented France at the 2012 Olympics.

The Wolves played their first summer league game yesterday in Las Vegas. I accidentally saw about 10 minutes of that spectacular action. Might be what led me to overdo it on the Pastis. Sounds like it was about like we might have expected.

Much more importantly, la Lynx beat the reeling Tulsa Shock on the road behind a 25 and 11 performance from the red-hot Lindsay Whelan. Seimone Augustus missed her third straight game with a sprained ankle; the Lynx have won all three.

The French did win the U20 World Cup in Turkey yesterday, and French overseas department Martinique has a chance to guarantee a place in the Gold Cup quarterfinals with a result against staggering Mexico this afternoon.

To paraphrase something Marie Antoinette didn't actually say, I hope you enjoy some delicious cake today.

Liberte! Egalite! Fraternite!