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Timberwolves vs. D-League Select: It's the Sweet Sixteen!

Summer Wolves attempt to get revenge on the D-League Select team that beat them in their Las Vegas opener.

Shabazz Muhammad
Shabazz Muhammad

Summer Wolves vs. D-League Select
7:30pm CDT.
No live television, but will be live streamed on ESPN3.

The summer Wolves have been, by a significant margin, the best shooting team in Las Vegas. Shocking as it is after watching clank after clank last season, a group of players with Minnesota on their t-shirts jerseys have made 51% of their field goals and an incredible 50% of their 3 pointers. This barrage from deep has been led by Demetri McCamey and Kee Kee Clark, with contributions from Robbie Hummel, Brandon Paul, and Shabazz Muhammad.

In their first match-up the D-League select won a close game behind the two-way play of Stefhon Hannah at the point guard spot and the interior dominance of Mickell Gladness, who seemed to be everywhere swatting away summer wolves shots in the paint.

The Wolves get a rematch tonight, with the winner advancing to the quarterfinals of the tournament. If they win, they will play again on Saturday. If they lose, they will play a consolation game on Friday.

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Go Summer Wolves!